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Quantity Surveying

We offer Quantity Surveying, cost planning, and cost management services for residential and small-scale commercial construction projects.

Estimates start at £90.00.

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Quantity Surveying

Any successful construction project necessitates the use of expert quantity surveyors who can use their construction knowledge and cost planning experience to provide expert advice on construction costs and procurement options. This starts with the very first feasibility testing of a project and continues until the completed building is handed over.

At Reltic Construction Consultants, we have a team of highly trained and expert quantity surveyors who bring in-depth knowledge of construction design, costs, and programmes, as well as interpersonal and team management skills.

Our quantity surveyors and project managers will work closely with you to ensure that your project is completed on time and within budget. We can assist you with quantity surveying services such as design economics, procurement, contract administration, commercial management, and lifecycle costing.​

Reltic can provide clients with a full range of project management, cost management, and specialist services tailored to the specific project requirements, from initial instruction to building occupation. We provide the following services:

Contractors Services

Our contractors services can help if you need extra coverage for a stretched team or if you're a small business that doesn't require full-time quantity surveyors.

Our contract quantity surveyors can work for any party, including developers and contractors, and can provide a variety of traditional quantity surveying skills that you may not have in-house.

Contractors Services Include:

Commercial support

Additional commercial resources for an existing commercial department or an entire commercial team for a new venture, working as an integral part of your own organisation.

Material scheduling

Using our experience in creating material schedules for all levels of projects, we can free up your own surveyors and buyers.


We can provide estimates based on our own measurements or pre-prepared bills of quantity, develop precise and dependable bids, and ensure your tenders are competitive in the industry.

Reltic Quantity Surveying Services
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