Quantity & Material Takeoff


Quantity & Material Takeoff

The Role Of The Material Estimator

Even the most reliable software and modelling programs are tools. The human factor is still the most vital part of the construction equation. You want an experienced eye in order to achieve a successful and accurate cost projection. An experienced Material Estimator has the skills and knowledge to guide you through the entire process from beginning to end.

Our experience will enable us to fill in the blanks that always exist in the initial phases of a proposed project. More profit margin pounds can be lost by mistakes in the framing materials order than in any other part of the process. That is why after evaluating many software packages, we purchased a full-featured system that allows us to tailor our Material Estimates to local practices.

Service Overview

Takeoffs are complete and very accurate. Often we hear of Material Suppliers and other Trades omissions, which gives the false appearance of too low of a price. Use our list with confidence, it includes that which is needed to complete the project.

Detailed Construction Material Estimating Pays for Itself. A successful Material Estimate starts and ends with our professional staff. We will review your plans and requirements, then start the process of developing a complete job Material Estimate. Your Material Estimate is much more than just a count of material. It is your best tool for controlling Costs and optimizing construction methods in order to be more competitive in a difficult market.

We have clients that have construction projects being built in many parts of the country. So no matter where you are located or the project you are bidding, we provide Estimating services all over the UK.

We specialise in material takeoffs and quantity surveys for both labour and materials and for
most construction trades. One of our construction Estimators will quantify from the blueprints,
all the materials and accessories needed for your trade. It will be in Microsoft Excel or Adobe, in the format you need, so you can send it out to bid quickly.

We can quantify building materials faster and more accurate than most Estimators. We calculate every material item required to build any size construction project. Our Estimator will list the items by location as well. Your superintendents and sub-contractors benefit from this because it helps them identify easily where every item goes.

We specialise in preparing material takeoffs and material lists for every construction trade. One of our construction estimators will quantify from the blueprints, all the materials and accessories needed for your trade. It will be in Microsoft Excel, in the format you need, so you can send it out to bid quickly.

Our estimation process

  • The estimation process at Reltic starts with a formal meeting of estimators to discuss and identify the scope of work. This also includes the allocation of tasks to trade specialist estimators.

  • Then after reviewing the project documents and specifications provided by the client, the trade specialised estimators import the plans using the latest software and measure the dimensions and scales by the point and click method to digitally takeoff the quantities.

  • After performing the on-screen takeoffs, all the material quantities are exported to EXCEL spreadsheets. 

  • Our connections with local contractors and merchants help with accurate postcode based pricing for material and labour rates which are categorised in the current Price Book.

  • Finally, a cross-check is performed by the lead estimator for the quality assurance and quality control of the project deliverables.

Many Contractors, Developers, Architects, And Owners Trust Us For Reliable And Timely Commercial Estimating Services, We Hope You Will Too!

1.Upload Your Plan


Click here to upload and your plans can be Bid set, Schematic, Design Development, Construction document, or conceptual drawings. Following formats are acceptable: .PDF, .TIF, .TIFF, .DXF, .DWF, .DWG, .PLN, .JPG, .JPEG, .CPC, .OSX, .DJVU, .CAL

2.Get A Quote

We will send you a quote consisting of invoice, delivery date, and turnaround time which you can pay via Credit Card or Debit Card or PayPal.

3.Receive Estimate


Estimates will be delivered to you in EXCEL spreadsheets incorporating all the material and labor pricing either in MasterFormat or the format of your choice.

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