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Project Management

Reltic is dedicated to completing your project on time, within budget, and to the highest quality standards possible. We can handle your refurbishment, extension, or new build projects.

Project Management

Our Project Management team is here to give you peace of mind and control over the completion of your construction projects.

We collaborate with you and the rest of the project team to manage all aspects of what could be a complex, difficult project, from initial conceptualization to final project delivery.

Delivering a project with a highly trained and professional Project Management team like ours ensures that your interests, goals, and risks are managed, delivered, and mitigated throughout the project's process on time, on budget, and to the highest quality standards.

How do we successfully project manage your projects?

We focus on minimising risk, developing an agile project delivery schedule, cost management and safety management; all of which are continuously reviewed and communicated to you in a transparent way to drive towards your agreed goals.

Reltic Construction Consultants

Your Project's Design Phase

To get a sense of the project's scope and to create working plans. Reltic will coordinate with all relevant professionals and authorities to translate your design goals for your project into working drawings with all agreed-upon signoffs, permits, and notices in place before beginning construction.

From conception to completion, Reltic Construction Consultants provides a full design and implementation service to all of our clients. This includes collaborating with our preferred architects, structural engineers,interior designers and contractors to create the best possible design for your space. We will drive the project through the build phase once the layout and design have been conceptualised and agreed with the relevant boards and authorities, removing the day-to-day hassle of running a project. This includes communicating with trades and suppliers, as well as coordinating with building control and utility providers as needed.

We are constantly reminded of the highly personal yet exciting nature of what we do in our client liaisons, so it is critical to us that as our client, you have the level of involvement with day-to-day decisions that you desire. Our goal is to provide you with peace of mind while running your project, but without detachment from what is going on; this is accomplished through a bespoke construction service that places a high value on constant communication. Reltic has a model to suit you from concept to completion.


Design Phase


Client Requirements


Build Phase

Reltic Project Management Services

Build Phase of Your Project

To complete the project on time and within budget. These suggested stages are intended to give you a sense of the overall process of working on your project. In practise, it is more complicated, with more steps, some of which will overlap others, but this is where having Reltic manage the intricacies of a tightly scheduled property renovation comes in handy.

To complete the project on time and within budget, according to the agreed-upon client specifications. We always place the greatest emphasis on the need for the highest quality materials and craftsmen available, and as a result, we only use the most accomplished sub-contractors with whom we have a long history of working, always striving to achieve the highest levels of quality finish.

To complete the project on time & budget, to the agreed client specification. We always place the highest emphasis upon the need for the best quality materials and craftsmen available and as a result only use the most accomplished sub-contractors whom we have a long standing relationship with, always striving to hit the highest levels of quality finish as we belive this culminates in total client satisfaction.

Client Requirements & Specifications

To reach an agreement on a detailed project specification. Reltic will create a work schedule and agree on a total price, including a staged payment plan. Both parties sign the contract at this point, and a copy of our Public Liability insurance is available upon client request.

Where there are pending decisions on specific fixtures and fittings, it is the client's primary responsibility to decide on these items prior to their requirement. This will ensure a smooth project flow with minimal delays. We will then be in charge of all deliveries, checking items and making any necessary returns. It is critical to be as detailed and accurate as possible with what you want at this stage in order to keep costs and delays to a minimum.

If additional items and/or works are requested during the course of the project, prices will be provided and agreed upon by both parties before they are implemented. If you require it, we will provide you with assistance and guidance in any area you require, as well as introduce you to the appropriate people to assist you in making your decision.

Reltic Construction Consultants
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