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Why a Project Manager is essential to construction projects


Construction projects are by no means a simple process, with construction, technical, planning, building regulations, insurance and health and safety implications all to weigh up. For this reason employing an experienced and impartial project manager is essential.

When a client initiates a construction project, he would be ill-advised not to engage the services of a knowledgeable and staunch advocate; someone entirely familiar with the construction sector but also fiercely independent with no commercial relationships with builders or vendors.

The underlying responsibility of the project manager is to give guidance and protect the client’s best interests in terms of contractor and design team selection, cost versus value, design, materials and construction decisions. These are all choices that will affect the ultimate success of the project.

It is the Project Managers responsibility is to furnish the client with undistorted advice without conflict of interest, which gives the client the confidence to make educated decisions. Adhering to these standards will result in much higher degree of likelihood in achieving an on-time, on-budget construction project that meets (and hopefully exceeds) his expectations.

What you should look out for in a good project manager

“Experience, experience, experience”.

A client should look for someone who has a long track record in managing projects similar, or more complex, to that which is being contemplated. He should speak with the project manager’s previous clients to get a first-hand opinion of their performance and the success of the project.

A good project manager also needs to be honest, tenacious and reliable. Ideally a person with hands-on construction skills as in many cases, the discussion may happen on the site with the trades people themselves. Being able to communicate on that level of detail can be invaluable. Additionally, they should be someone with solid commercial and business acumen, with ability to bring together the client, design team, contractor and trades to deliver a successful project.

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Next Steps

Planning a building project and preparing the drawings required by the local authority can be challenging, especially if you have no experience in this. Fortunately, architect costs are reasonable and can save you a lot of work in areas most people know little about. What’s more, a qualified architect can also provide a complete project management service for your construction project.

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