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Bill of Quantities

The Bill of Quantities are generally prepared using the standard form of measurement SMM7. We formulate Bills of Quantities on a daily basis.

Our client is based in the UK and has a turnover in excess of £20m per year. They outsource all of their Bill of Quantities formulation to the Reltic.

Reltic Construction Concultants was asked to extract from early design tender drawings and trade specifications. Even with the limited information we prepared a professional, fully compliant SMM7 Bill of Quantities document.

It is becoming more and more common that the main contractor asks an Reltic Construction Concultants to prepare the Bill of Quantities on their behalf. The main contractor actually saves money by having a professional Bill of Quantities formulated as it makes the whole tendering process run smoothly without complications.

The Bill of Quantities you receive from the Reltic Construction Concultants are always detailed, professional and complete as per the SMM7 or NRM2 measurement standards.

Do you need a Bill of Quantities prepared from drawings and specifications?

Do you need a Bill of Quantities priced?

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