Reltic Employer's Agent

Employer's Agent

Operating as the client's representative, as a communications bridge, an observer, a quality controller, staying on top of the contract.

Employer's Agent

The Employer's Agent sits between the client and the contractor, acting as the client's or developer's representative, as a communications bridge, an observer, a quality controller, and generally staying on top of the contract and its requirements.

Because Reltic has such a broad range of experience, we are uniquely qualified to meet the requirements of the brief.

Employer's Agent is typically a relatively passive role, requiring the contractor to submit applications, offer the building for inspection, and so on.

The Reltic approach is distinct. We have standard modifications to the building contract that allow us to change the contractor's responsibilities in contract administration, giving the Employers Agent a broader range of powers, and imposing stricter obligations on the contractor in the management of defects after completion.

It can be one of our most difficult but necessary roles.

We keep the Employer informed and give them the freedom to make decisions based on the best available information at the time. Once a contract is signed, we keep the Employer informed of decisions and provide monthly reports.

Once the building project is completed, we place the contractor in the position of having to make good defects in a pre-determined timely manner, or face the consequences of paying others for making good through deductions from retentions, etc.

You only need to look at the finished product to realise it's the better way.

Our services include

Define the responsibilities of the employer, employer’s agent and contractor

Chair meetings, lead the team and act as the Employers representative

Represent the employer’s interests under the appropriate building contract

Appraise and quantify the risks

Formulate the employer’s priorities and identify specific requirements

Evaluate contract sum analysis and stage payments and assess value for money

Assess and undertake a design audit of the contractor’s proposals to ensure compliance

with the employer’s requirements

Set up quality control procedures and report on works carried out on site, including site visits

Implement changes to the employer’s requirements following approval

Provide advice, guidance, instructions, certificates, statements, notices

Agree and recommend stage payments

Prepare monthly control statements and cash flow forecasts

Ensure operation and maintenance manuals are prepared and approved

Advise on practical completion and final completion

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