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Dedicated Construction Estimator

If you want to experience the services of an estimator committed to work just for you, we are at your service.

Estimates start at £90.00.

Express service
24/48 hour turnaround

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Dedicated Construction Estimator

Some of our clients want to have a dedicated construction estimator to be a part of their team that can interface with their internal project resources to provide integrated estimating and project control solutions.

Through these collaborations, we not only provide accurate bid estimates but also the consultancy on understanding costs, making the right project choices, and increasing profit potential.

If you want to experience the services of an estimator committed to work just for you, we are at your service.

By subscribing to our monthly takeoff package, you can schedule the services of a dedicated estimator working distantly just like an estimator operating in your office and will be at your service whenever required. This is how you can save the cost of salaries, bonuses, benefits, insurance, etc.

Reltic strives to meet the estimating needs of the clients in any way possible. Our team of experienced specialists can provide you with free Quote according to your building plans (from small home extensions to bigger projects)

Subscribe To Our Monthly Construction Estimating Packages

We offer:

  • Market competitive rates starting from £1000 per month

  • Expense saving of up to 60% of an inhouse estimator

  • Customised services i.e we can use your report format, rates, material cost if you want

  • Confidentiality guaranteed

Responsibilities Of Our Dedicated Construction Estimator

The dedicated construction estimator working for you at our office can assist you in the following way:

  • Precise and detailed design estimates along with marked-up plans

  • Feasibility studies

  • Consultation on smartly filing bids

  • Services to manage the bidding network profiles

  • Project Scheduling & cost management

  • Preconstruction & change order management

  • Subcontractor marketing

  • Generating new project leads

  • Email support

Why Should You Opt For A Dedicated Construction Estimator?

With the increasing competition in the construction industry, contractors are falling behind in bidding on new projects as they face difficulties regarding the complex bidding process and limited time for preparing the bidding proposal. An accurate estimate is crucial for them to avoid the issue of overbidding and underbidding on the projects. It is recommended to have a professional and experienced estimator to aid in preparing bid estimates, bid filing, and managing bidding network profiles.

Usually, architects have the obligation to deliver the designing project within the budget of their clients; therefore they need reliable cost estimates in every phase of planning and design of the project. The best way to face these matters is to have a committed construction estimator to provide accurate cost estimates to assist them at each stage of the design i.e. schematic, design development, and construction documents.

Training and hiring an in-house estimator comes with the challenges of additional overhead, burden costs, monthly salaries, management issues. Sometimes these higher expenses are passed to your customers in terms of quoting high prices, leading towards losing the competition. Therefore, to engage a dedicated expert estimator working distantly takes less out of your budget and gives you the confidence of quality services.

By doing that, you save overhead expenses and recurring costs of hiring a full-time estimator and yet you get to have a dedicated estimator working for you with the same interest in your business. We can provide you an expert estimator who understands the market with experience from previous projects. They will not only provide you with detailed and highly accurate estimates but also consultancy regarding project lead generation.

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