Reltic Commercial Estimating Service

Commercial Estimating Service

Reltic and its consultants possess the knowledge and hands-on experience to help you complete your project on time and within budget

Estimates start at £90.00.

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Commercial Estimating Services

While the commercial industry has remained relatively steady over the last few years, it is expected to experience an influx of capital which in turn will increase the number of construction projects. Reltic understands, now more than ever, the necessity of executing a project in the most efficient and cost-effective manner.

Reltic and its consultants possess the knowledge and hands-on experience to help you complete your project on time and within budget. Reltic has provided services on a variety of projects throughout the UK including shopping centers, office buildings, warehouse buildings, distribution centers, and industrial parks. Whether you are an owner, contractor, architect or engineering, Reltic is capable of providing solutions to address the complex issues that may occur during your project.

Our education expertise

  • Corporate Headquarters

  • Campus Complex

  • Low, Mid & High Rise Buildings

  • Warehouse Facilities

Reltic Estimating Service

Why Choose


  • Detailed estimates with a high emphasis on accuracy

  • Cost-effective solutions at market competitive rates (check prices)

  • Faster and timely delivery of estimates so you meet your deadlines

  • Reduce overheads and only pay us when you need us

  • Increase efficiency and get more jobs by bidding on more projects

  • Consultation on smartly filing bids to acquire more projects

  • Help you Increase your bid-hit ratio and win more bids

  • 24/7 chat & email support

Our estimation process

  • The estimation process at Reltic starts with a formal meeting of estimators to discuss and identify the scope of work. This also includes the allocation of tasks to trade specialist estimators.

  • Then after reviewing the project documents and specifications provided by the client, the trade specialised estimators import the plans using the latest software and measure the dimensions and scales by the point and click method to digitally takeoff the quantities.

  • After performing the on-screen takeoffs, all the material quantities are exported to EXCEL spreadsheets. 

  • Our connections with local contractors and merchants help with accurate postcode based pricing for material and labour rates which are categorised in the current Price Book.

  • Finally, a cross-check is performed by the lead estimator for the quality assurance and quality control of the project deliverables.

Many Contractors, Developers, Architects, And Owners Trust Us For Reliable And Timely Commercial Estimating Services, We Hope You Will Too!

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