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Construction Consultants

Quantity Surveying

Reltic brings technical expertise and leadership to constructively challenge design teams, while also taking control and managing all associated costs.

Construction Estimating

Whatever you need to build, our experts will provide detailed and accurate budget estimating and cost planning services on your project so that you are better informed at the initial stages of a project.

Employer's Agent

As employer’s agent we manage the procurement and construction phase of a project which has usually been let under a design and build contract.

Project Management

Reltic's years of experience brings advanced project management; we work with private clients to ensure that our clients' interests are protected by providing quality impartial advice.

About Us

Reltic Construction Consultants provides a wide range of high-quality services and solutions to clients in both the public and private sectors.

From our London office, our dedicated team of experts provides specialist Building Consultancy, Project and Cost Management, Employer's Agent, Project Monitoring, and Construction Estimating Services.

We are known for our unique blend of knowledge and professionalism in project management. Our team is dedicated to providing care and support, as well as bringing out the best in people.

Reltic was created to reflect the importance we place on our clients and our people in everything we do. It incorporates the five core values that emphasise the importance we place on developing our team to provide quality client care.

Our people's capability, enthusiasm, integrity, and well-being are central to our operations.

Our commitment to sustainable practises is at the heart of this one-of-a-kind approach. We consistently combine our social values with our business objectives in order to give back to the property and construction industry as well as local communities.

Reltic Construction Estimating Service

Our Five Core Values

Best Client Outcome

When it comes to construction projects, ‘best’ isn’t a simple thing to calculate. Using our knowledge and experience, we work with our clients to understand their goals and see each project holistically. Only then can we give the advice and support which leads to a desirable outcome.

People Thrive

All living things thrive in the right conditions, and our employees are no different. We have an inspiring work environment and a development programme that values personal and professional growth. Good soil, regular watering and plenty of exposure gets the best out of talented seeds!

Positive Energy

Our belief is that the positive energy created by our people makes it possible for us to solve the challenges involved in any construction project. Pop into our office and ‘feel the vibe’.

Relationships Matter

Like any good team we are more than the sum of our parts. We value relationships, working closely and supportively to help our clients achieve success. When goals are aligned and communication is clear, trusted partnerships emerge and things get done

Everyday Greatness

We achieve great things as a company because of the daily dedication of our people, each making regular ‘mini-contributions’ which, collectively, make a huge difference.

Reltic Construction Consultants

Why Choose Us

Fastest Turnaround Time

We provide construction estimating services and quantity takeoffs within the fast turnaround time of 24 to 48 hours.

Highly Skilled Professional Team

Our team comprises of Construction Estimators, Engineers, and Quantity Surveyors.

Affordable Prices

Our construction estimates are at competitive market rates of £150.00 on average. (It can be less or more depending on the scope of project)

Accurate And Detailed Estimates

With the use of the latest Software and our developed construction cost database based on post code, we can ensure accuracy in our estimates. We also offer on-demand vendor pricing.

92% Bid-Hit Ratio

The bid winning ratio of our estimates is more than 92% as per our past contractor’s bids data.

Commercial Estimating



Usually, commercial estimates are very complex and involve high accuracy that our construction estimators ensure through best practices. Our pricing is cost-effective which will be a better tradeoff for your in-house estimator. With the sound and in-depth knowledge in commercial construction estimating services, we have delivered accurate estimates and material takeoffs from £100k to several million pounds evaluations of projects for all industries that include restaurants, warehouses, Retail, Educational, Recreational. We have helped commercial contractors, commercial Developers, Lenders, Designers, and Architects in preparing precise and detailed commercial estimates, bid estimates, design estimates, material, and labor takeoffs.


Residential Estimating



We are committed to providing the most explicit residential estimates to the industry for many years. Whether it’s a simple single-family residence or a complex multi-apartment building, our profound estimators have served Residential contractors, Owners, Architects, and Lenders with the most accurate residential estimates and material labor takeoffs. Our portfolio in residential estimates includes new construction residential projects as well as renovations, remodeling, and home additions.

Our Construction Estimates


We provide estimates in a special company’s format in excel and pdf form either in our own template or in the client’ template, as per demand. Our portfolio includes residential, commercial, civil, electrical, mechanical, concrete, excavation, plumbing, sheet metal, conceptual estimates, preliminary estimates, flooring, roofing, painting, masonry, thermal moisture protection, insulation, Sitework.

Our Construction Estimators

We have a team of experienced construction estimators having experience of more than 15 years. Our team comprises of professional estimators, quantity surveyors. We are accurate and efficient in helping building professionals determine the cost of any building (commercial, residential). The responsibilities of our construction estimator include:



  • Preparing material Takeoffs and Estimates.

  • Preparing the markup plans.

  • Managing the bidding network profiles of the clients and filing their bids.

  • Establishing the feasibility of budget reports for the owners and lenders.

  • Preparation of the bidding proposals and detailed estimates for subcontractors.

  • Design estimates for architectural and engineering firms.

  • Preparing preliminary estimates for the contractors.



Why do you need to outsource estimating to our Construction Estimators?

In the modern construction industry, it is crucial to afford the expense of in-house cost estimating and project control departments as they bear huge costs and quality is compromised. Outsourcing your quantity takeoffs can take a heavy load off your mind and pocket. It can save you a lot of time that can be utilized in other important tasks like expanding your business, biding on more projects, pricing your labour correctly, etc. It can also save money by avoiding the hassle of hiring permanent staff with relevant trade expertise. It also increases productivity.

Outsourcing your plans to our estimating company. Reltic, will help you in minimising your expense by offering you a timesaving and cost-saving model with relevant experience and in-depth market knowledge. Most construction companies hire our estimators and they work for them. We provide the most accurate and fastest Construction Estimates in all divisions of construction 

Benefits of Outsourcing your estimates & material takeoffs to us!


We understand accuracy is important to you.


Our estimators provide consultancy for filing competitive bids and manage bidding network profiles of clients.

  • Your company can save 60% expense of estimator.

  • We offer detailed estimates with line item descriptions along with markup plans.

  • We ensure quick turnaround time for the estimate

  • We guarantee the most accurate and on time estimates.

  • We can comply with international standards with great precision.


Reltic Construction Consultants
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